Wildlife illustrations

Steve has built up an impressive collection of wildlife illustrations over the last twenty years, which can be used to illustrate interpretation signs, websites, leaflets etc. They can be viewed and purchased from his wildlife illustrations online store. He is constantly creating new images as required, and if you are interested in commissioning him to undertake new images then please  with him.

A selection of local species are shown below:

b0116_lapwing-300x232 i038_darkgreen_fritillary-300x243 a020_weasel
b0111_jay i001_pondlife-300x240 i27_common_blue
p017_seapink b0109_heron i036_6spotburnet_moth_dog_violet-300x211
i25_common_aesthena p40_heather_caluna b0100_goldcrest
b003_hen_harrier-248x300 a049_slow_worm p070_acorn-300x281